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Purple     Cow

Therapy Sessions


What's with the Cow?

Want to find out more about purple cow collective? 


Art Therapy

Art Therapy, as in Getting dirty, and Making things. 


Individual Therapy

What should I expect? 

What is Therapy? and other answered questions.


Clinical Supervision

I provide Clinical Supervision to MN Clinicians seeking LPC/LPCC Licensure  

My Approach

I come from a Trauma Focused/ Holistic Lens, while integrating mindfulness techniques, and somatic (body based) interventions. I view therapy as a journey based on trust, mutual respect, and empathy. Through the therapeutic relationship we can collaboratively work together towards understanding and identifying all aspects of you.

 As an Art Therapist, I enjoy utilizing Art making to address one's experiences in a new way and heal the brain in the process. 

Emily Marsden, LPCC
About me

Hello I'm Emily Marsden. I am a licensed Clinical Counselor in Minnesota. I have over 12+ years of clinical practice. I work primarily with adults. I can address a wide variety of concerns. I am empathic, caring, but am also direct and to the point. I do like to throw in a F-Bomb now and then, plus a dash or so of humor.  

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