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Purple     Cow

Therapy Sessions


What's with the Cow?

Want to find out more about purple cow collective? 


Individual Therapy

What should I expect? 

What is Therapy? and other answered questions.


Additional Therapies

I have a specialization in Expressive Art Therapy, and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)


Clinical Supervision

I provide Clinical Supervision to MN Clinicians seeking LPC/LPCC Licensure  

My Approach

I come from a Trauma Focused/ Holistic Lens, while integrating mindfulness techniques, and somatic (body based) interventions. I view therapy as a journey based on trust, mutual respect, and empathy. Through the therapeutic relationship we can collaboratively work together towards understanding and identifying all aspects of you.

 As an Art Therapist, I enjoy utilizing Art making to address one's experiences in a new way and heal the brain in the process. 

Emily Marsden, LPCC
About me

Hello I'm Emily Marsden. I am a licensed Clinical Counselor in Minnesota. I have over 12+ years of clinical practice. I work primarily with adults. I can address a wide variety of concerns. I am empathic, caring, but am also direct and to the point. I do like to throw in a F-Bomb now and then, plus a dash or so of humor.  

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