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Clinical Supervision

We are here to get it right, not to be right.
- Brene Brown

So here's the thing. I have had both shitty, and AMAZING supervisors in my career. I know what it feels like be challenged, and then seeing the impact it has on the therapeutic relationship - just watching it flourish. I find pride in wanting to protect our profession with BADASS clinicians. I have been faced with many clients, stating that they had a negative experience with therapy and are hesitant to engage again. This is what truly drove me to provide Clinical Supervision for my fellow  LPC/LPCC graduates, or clinicians in need of hours for their professional licensure. If you are interested, I would encourage you to read my philosophy. If everything sounds good- Please reach out and we can schedule a time to meet. 

Supervision Philosophy: 

Clinical supervision is necessary to address and challenge our biases within ourselves and our clients. Additionally, it is a time for encouragement, support, and to facilitate growth. No matter where you are in your professional development, I would like to support you in that journey.  ​ Coming from an integrative approach of both humanistic and feministic theories, I see the supervisory relationship as being mutually collaborative. I encourage supervisees to gain greater awareness of clients as well as themselves. I have seen many benefits of this collaborative approach with clients. By acknowledging and utilizing the relationship between supervisee and supervisor, we are able to focus on addressing techniques, skills and encourage self-exploration within the relationship. I hope to empower supervisees to explore their own self and biases to gain a more holistic view that benefits both the clients and self.  ​ I have more than ten year’s experience working with individuals whom have experienced relational trauma, predominantly; sexual violence, rape, childhood sexual abuse, domestic violence. This experience has provided a unique perspective utilizing a trauma informed lens when discussing client concerns. Additionally, my experience further validates the importance of the collaborative relationship, establishing trust, safety, and support.  The combination between theory, education, and self-experience contributes to how we understand and show up for clients.  It is our responsibility as clinicians to seek support, be curious, and engage in self-care to ensure we are offering our best efforts as providers. If this is something that sounds like we could be a good fit, Please reach out. I look forward to engaging in the supervisory experience with you
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